• Dr. Magic has been helping restaurants stand out from their competition and make more money for 25 years as one of America's top restaurant magicians.

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  • Here's a short version of Dr. Magic's biography.
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When he was six years old, Dr. Magic saw his first magician on TV, and it was at that point he knew what he wanted to be.

On his eighth birthday he got his first magic kit, and there was no stopping him. He liked to play cards with his Aunt Lu, and between games entertained her with card tricks. He didn't know it then, but entertaining his aunt at the kitchen table set the groundwork for his future career as a restaurant magician.

Today Dr. Magic performs more than 200 times a year in various restaurants, going from table to table entertaining families and performing close-up magic with such objects as playing cards and coins. He has earned a living doing this for more than 20 years.

Dr. Magic averages about 450 performances annually when his work as a professional magician at all venues is totaled. He jokes that the reason he performs so much magic is because one day he'll be good at it. Patrons laugh — because they see for themselves that Dr. Magic is excellent at entertaining everyone with his highly original comedy and utterly amazing magic.

  • Raymond Day, owner Dayja Vu Restaurant

    "Dr. Magic combines flawless skill at complex sleight of hand magic with original comedy and a razor sharp wit, he's very funny and very entertaining."
  • Joe Harrison, master magician

    "I've never seen anyone Dr. Magic could not entertain, he's that good."
  • Adam Breaux, restaurant magician

    "Dr. Magic isn't just good at making money for restaurants by entertaining their customers, he's quite possibly the greatest restaurant magician in the world. He is THAT GOOD at what he does!"
  • Brad Levine, former manager Santa Fe Cattle Co. Restaurant

    "Dr. Magic is easily the best restaurant magician I've ever seen."
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