• A promotional tool

    When Dr. Magic performs shows within ten miles of your restaurant he will plug (promote) your restaurant to his audiences.
  • Keep money from leaving

    On a busy night Dr. Magic can entertain people waiting for a table thus keeping them AND THEIR MONEY from leaving your restaurant.
  • How it works

    Dr. Magic walks from table to table entertaining your customers with small magic tricks with cards and coins, etc.
  • Delay what delay!

    Dr. Magic can cover delays in food getting from your kitchen to a customers' table.
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The Online Home of Restaurant Magician Dr. Magic

Dr. Magic has been helping restaurants stand out from their competition and make more money for 25 years as one of America's top restaurant magicians.

Dr. Magic will help your restaurant stand out from other restaurants with his unique entertainment. EVERY restaurant has music of some kind, but YOUR RESTAURANT will be the only one to have live magic performed right at customers' tables.

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**** Newsflash ****

One Night Only

On Saturday, February 20, Dr. Magic will perform at Rizzo's in Independence, Louisiana from 6-8 p.m. Dr. Magic will walk from table-to-table performing close up magic with small objects like coins, napkins and playing cards. He will also sign autographs and take pictures with Magic Minions (his fans).


Dr. Magic, The Funny Magician, will perform at World Famous Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant inside the Bass Pro Shop in Denham Springs, Louisiana every Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. beginning May 26, 2015. World Famous Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant is a large comfortable restaurant with a bar, fire place and a large wall sized fish tank enjoyed by both kids and adults. Dr. Magic will entertain at the restaurant for its "Kids' Night" performing walk-around close up magic at the tables using small objects like coins, playing cards, ribbons and balls. "Yes, the name of the restaurant is World Famous Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant. But, most people call it 'the restaurant in Bass Pro Shop'. I don't care what people call the restaurant just as long as they come see me perform there on Tuesday nights at dinnertime. It's a great restaurant, performing there should be a lot of fun," Dr. Magic said. World Famous Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant is the 23rd restaurant Dr. Magic has performed at during his twenty year career as one of America's top restaurant magicians.


  • Dr. Magic has been helping restaurants stand out from their competition and make more money for 25 years as one of America's top restaurant magicians.

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    Book Now

    For more information or to book Dr.Magic, call his office at 985-507-8812 or send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Here's a short version of Dr. Magic's biography.
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  • Raymond Day, owner Dayja Vu Restaurant

    "Dr. Magic combines flawless skill at complex sleight of hand magic with original comedy and a razor sharp wit, he's very funny and very entertaining."
  • Joe Harrison, master magician

    "I've never seen anyone Dr. Magic could not entertain, he's that good."
  • Adam Breaux, restaurant magician

    "Dr. Magic isn't just good at making money for restaurants by entertaining their customers, he's quite possibly the greatest restaurant magician in the world. He is THAT GOOD at what he does!"
  • Brad Levine, former manager Santa Fe Cattle Co. Restaurant

    "Dr. Magic is easily the best restaurant magician I've ever seen."
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